Simply David

Now and Forever

At this moment I’ll love you forever

all that matters is that we are together
Even if our time is cut short
I’ll still hope
you’ll find a way back to me
Does it make me crazy
that I love you baby?
All that matters is that we are together
Always and Forever
if not physically then mentality 
That’s how much you mean to me
even if our love is at the final stage
I’ll love you the same
I’ll fight through all the pain
If it means I can see you day after day
I promise my love is here to stay
As long as I’m still alive it wont get away
I swear to now and forever
My heart is yours
Whatever the problem I’ll endure
All for you, All for us
call it greed if you like
but cling to me with all your life
and I’ll do the same for you
Even if it’s the end
I won’t regret a single moment I’ve spent with you
for I love you
and I’m eternally yours
Now and forever….

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The solace I seek under water shines under a rush of air

No window in this place only a mirror to glance upon my face

I dare not to look away, I talk to myself out of my fears

a talk never blinking nor thinking 

Straight honesty through and through

My face is stained with tears unseen to another eye

I am a man there are times when I too need to cry

Life isn’t unfair nor do I care to share complaints

I show restaint with a smile in the public eye

In my house I stay awake to the wolves at bay

Only in my space can I truly see what’s behind this face

Behind this body that most seek to ridicule 

Judge me as you will, your gances no longer shake me

It’s the naysayers that slay me but it is myself

The biggest threat is inside of me

My actions cause pain to myself

Yet my body won’t react to my pain

What a shame

I dismiss the world as I build myself

as others wish to convert me to the grey

a mundane life of ties do not appeal to me

Rather drown in blood than in a sea of cubicles 

It’s just me in this room

sorting out everything as if a bomb is ticking away

I think back to the woman at the keys

tears staining pages as she sings about worth

I am a man of no faith yet I believe in me 

It’s a need for me to remember this belief

When my fears approach me not out of hate but as a way

out into the world I so seek

To cry is to not be weak

Sometimes I need to cry to finally breathe

I only need to remind myself to simply be me

and live free

A man walks his own way with his back turned to the world

and his heart open but guarded

Never changing only adapting to a new verison

I am king I will achieve every dream

All I have to do is stop me from converting into a hoodie floating through the halls

I will shoot for the stars, I’ll leave this room now

In pursuit of those things with conviction

Goodbye my shelter I need to walk tall towards the sun 

On my own two legs


Can you see the whispers of the night?

Don’t look away from the light

unless you like a little fright.

Take in the night

beware of the light

monsters hide under the sun

watch their eyes

know when to shout and run.

Fight never submit

or they’ll have their fun

Claw, scratch, kick, punch

Scream as if ashes are falling

in the dead of night.

Beware of the light

fight the fright of the light in the night


Nights of Joy

The lost come out at night

all worries are flushed away

we laugh we enjoy

the ending day
Nothing is in the way

of our joy

Yes, we know

we must change

but will do it in our own way

Embracing the night to appeciate the day

Someday, it will change

but for tonight we will dance

as the pain of day fades


Voice so sweet

she loves me

Finding her coming into my life

when I am in need

as I’m drowing in myself

she grasps my hand

to guide me through the dark

placing her hand over my heart


she whispers with a straight face

She evaporates as she was never truly here

I startle awake to live my fear

of being alone in a house

without the love of living in a home

in bed with the woman of my dreams

all I can do is…continue to breathe

It’s a Wrap

I keep looking back

wanting to be there again

yet I’m off pretending..

not to care

How I wish we were in bed

head on my chest as I stroke your hair

Guess I’m just not that strong

I still care 

But I can’t reach you anymore

Love doesn’t live there 

Instead I must shout to the world

that I don’t care and won’t ever look back

Director of my own life

it’s a wrap when I see you walk past

hand in hand with another

it’s then that I realize

I could do so much better 

without you by my side pulling me away from who I truly am

I pity him as we’ll have to wait and see

how you wreak his heart into two

Just glad it’s not me

I am free..I am free

I Am 

Too lost to die

too cold to lie

too emotional to cry

breaking from the inside

lost my voice

haunted by every choice 


Death comes quicker to me than most

cursing life to find a new host

I’m afraid to go

I hide from it, wrapping myself tighly in blankets

afraid to face it, to even notice it

is a sin to my mind

my body goes, I’m ready for war

The ultimate answer for death jolts me to truly live

at any time of day

So I will live how I like

to die anytime with a fufilled life 

Goodbye My Friend

There isn’t anything here anymore

Sorry, my friend

but I don’t care anymore

wish you all the happiness in the world

but the bridge connecting us

forever burns

Our goodbye doesn’t make me shake with agony

Wouldn’t be a lie

to say I’m happy

it’s goodbye


Staring out of my window

I see you
and I wonder
if you have a heart of gold
like they say you do
is the red light on tonight?
is your name Roxanne?
I only with you’ll have a 
since I always see you
tempting every man
to take you away
not to a faraway place
just to a place no one can see
I wonder if you can see me
staring at you
through this thin window
is fancy your name?
or is it something like Cherry?
or plainly simple like Mary

Miss in the red dress
how did you get here?
what wrong turn got
you leaning on a street pole
don’t your feet hurt wearing
those plastic stilettos
I know what you are
but I won’t say it out loud
for I still see you as a woman
no matter your occupation
your face smiles 
but your eyes scream you need saving
I’m sorry that I’m too young lady
to this world I’m still a baby
I can’t help you nor save you
I only can dream of saving
I just want to tell you
your on my mind
I think about you when they turn the red light on
and I hear Roxanne’s song

I bid thee a goodbye
miss lady of the night
I wave goodbye
as I lean my head
on this thin glass window
as the red light turns green
and this world disappears from sight

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