Now and Forever

Now and Forever

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Quitting pain and rage trying to tell this page but my struggle fades through the night time is near Barely, hanging on by clinging onto what's dear I'm that what you what to hear? Well, it's true...but my vision is blackening Mouth closed yet I'm struggling my vocal chords screaming till dawn when... Continue Reading →

Your Finest Hours

Charge the waves as if it's your last time clear doubt from your mind throw cowardice away from your heart Stare into yourself understand your demons understand your desires Now! Rise to the heights which you can reach Conquer yourself and the world will fall to you mind and body perfect balance that only you... Continue Reading →


Wandering in the dark with an enclosed heart cracked and stained with agony wrapping around the other pains wrapped in chains drowning in a self-placed prison only shadows surround me no light cracks through hopelessness drowns in pessimism Will it never be, that I will be free? My soul returned to me only to be... Continue Reading →


Would it be alright to not fight? To allow them into my heart.. ..Their words etched slowly into my skin Devils smiling, masking as angels posing as friends In the end, you find the lies behind their faces Cast aside all belief Except in yourself Allow the weak you to die So you can rise... Continue Reading →

When You Were Lucky

A letter came from you today couldn't toss it aside like the rest of you Despite the harsh truth..I still love you to this day If I had my way, I would be there wrapping you in my arms with all the care in the world Instead, I let my love burn I open it... Continue Reading →

Best Day

Your best days have yet to come So live life free from the gun we chose to wield to defy who we truly are life ain't easy, living is hard But I'm proud of my scars proof the memories occurred I love the  burn of a passion building Life is too short to conform to... Continue Reading →


Loneliness is a disease for others to obtain The world at large doesn't care to understand our pain My voice is shaky and soft I disappear in the crowd unique but forgotten I don't make a sound Spirit buried deep as my body floats above ground tears dried as my spirit died Closed my heart... Continue Reading →


The will to fight returns tonight as the light consumes the darkness So cold.. I fight  every day and night to live the life I've dreamed Shout I must Capture I will It's not luck but all skill The whole world will  understand how I feel Confident bugger  I must be to see the actuality ... Continue Reading →

Carry On

Sometimes goodbye is forever Our memories are always better than reality Trust me it will get better let go but never forget the one who was your world For as long as it turns They shall always be in your heart Your world will never die live your life if not for yourself then do... Continue Reading →

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