Not a Phase

It’s not a fad
When you say that it makes me mad
It’s so sad
when you don’t take us seriously
I feel so empty
I know damn sure theres something missing
Inside of me
Why can’t you try to understand?
Before you dismiss me
like the tyrant you are
Don’t you know hard it is
to admit this?
That suicide crosses our mind
That we feel so cold
most of the time
That self mutilation happens
more than one time
So can’t you see
we need help
Do I need to slit my wrists?
For you to take me seriously?
why don’t you pay attention
All the signs are here
Depression, Sadness, nothingness 
Do you even care?
Do you even remember the last time I truly smiled?
Because I don’t
It’s been so damn long
and I’m trying to hold it together
I’m trying to stay strong
How can I when
You’re never taken me seriously all along?


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