Without You

I don’t know what to do

How do I get something back
I was destined to lose?
Tell me what am I suppose to do
I’m not that strong 
When I’m without you

I can’t believe I lost you
Wish I had a time machine
So I can stop myself
From what I did to you
I can’t sorry
Because it’s late isn’t it
Sorry at this point
is not magical
It can’t heal everything!

Never thought it would end this way
You were the only light shining
In my life that lasted all night and day
You were so everlasting
I’ll never forget the love we shared
Even though I want you back
I have to let go
And let you live your life
Without me
Don’t worry I’ll survive
Even if I have to learn to live
Without you
That’s how much
I loved you


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