Sometimes when I’m distressed

sometimes when I’m sad
I grab my guitar
and I don’t feel as bad
I start to pluck the strings
and I start to sing
doesn’t matter if I’m good
I’m doing it to do it
just like my poetry
so why dont you get to know me
listen to me
as I start to sing
as I start to pluck these strings
I don’t care if you remember my name
I’m not doing this for the fame
I’m doing it for the hell of it
sure it would be great if I could rich
but that’s not the meaning for this
all I want to do is pluck these strings
and start to sing
all I want is to be free
like my poetry
So why don’t you sit down
and listen to what I have to sing
and the emotions I try to bring
as I want is to be me
so I’m here plucking my guitar strings
and I start to sing
what’s inside of me
I’m doing this for me
All I want is to sing
while I pluck these strings