What Happened to me? (Big Dreams)

What happened to me?!

I used to have so many big dreams
did it all disappear when I turned eighteen
When people stopped sugar coating everything
and told me no matter what I do
I will always be destined to lose
I wanted to escape from this family
Leave this city for a far away country
now I’m stuck in a life 
I dont’t want to live
Every night I wonder what it’s like
to be killed
When I used to ddream about having a wife
and maybe a few kids
living in a happy home up on the hill
Where did all these feelings go?
I want to scream
because I don’t really know
I hope I can find my way
back to the dreamer I once was
SO I can fill these nightmares
with hope so they’ll go away
So I can finally be on my way
to fulfilling the dreams I once had
Back when my mind was clear
and my ambition was something to be feared
As I write this down
I think to myself “Will I ever
find my way again…Will
I find hope in these big dreams..Once again..”


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