How am I suppose to approach you

What do I say?
Will you ignore me or push me away?
If I had said hey
Girl could you give me a little room
They don’t have a manual 
That I can follow for you
To acknowledge me
Do you know how much courage
Its takes just to walk over to you
Oh you wouldn’t would you
Girls expect men to do all the work
And except us do it perfectly
Couldn’t you give me a hint
That you may like me
Instead of acting like you
Don’t see me
Coming closer to you
Should I recite a line
And act like it was mine
Should I just say hey?
Girl can’t you give me a little
Of how to start 
The process of stealing
Your heart
I promise I’ll do my part
Would you just help me
A bit
Maybe you could walk halfway
To me
Its no longer the 20’s
Girls are free to chase
The men that captured their hearts
So can you leave the past
And walk to me 
Tell me girl how you might
Feel about me
Or how I can approach 


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