Hear me (dream)

Listen to my words

Feel their pain
As they slip out of my heart
Entering your ear
What do you have to fear?
My words may be simple
But they hit
Free verse I love it
True poetry
No limits without restrictions
Listen to me as I freely speak
For the first time
Out aloud
But your every thought of me will be torn down
And replaced with a real thought

I’m a starting rookie in his first year
I’m just trying to do right and not submit to the pressure
On a full team with no mentor
No one to show me to follow my dreams
To speak my mind without the fear of repercussions
Instead everyone cowers to the way it is
When as humans make the world as it is
Truthfully we could have the world on its knees
If we so please
No lie I’m afraid to embrace the world
To say what I have to say
In fear to others reacting to my voice
A cruel laughter echoes through my mind
It’s not my fault that I’m failure at speech
Churchill had the same problem as me
It’s a hill I must overcome
Even if I have to duck and dodge bombs 
From the critics that want to destroy me because I have a skill
And a dream
That they couldn’t achieve

The kid has something to say
Listen to my voice not look through my appearance
All I want is acceptance
Even if I have to fight for it
Until I’m out of breath
Collapsed in the streets
Gazing at the sky
It’s not how you fall but how you picked yourself up
I have to leave the hate and embrace the love
In order to appreciate this life
To give my words a new emotion
That will hit your heart maybe give you a spark
In order to walk your own path to find your dreams
No matter what it is, you want to truly live
There’s no reason to have to leave your dream
There’s always a way
Never too late to achieve 
Go ahead and reach
Remember courage is not being fearless
But acting despite of fear
Forgive me but not forget
Live with no regret
Is how I will live now
I will not bow down
To cowards that didn’t have enough heart to fight for their dreams
I will not be like you
Everything I do from now will to be reach for my dreams
Before its time for me to leave
I swear that I won’t depart until you have heard of me

So shoot for your dreams
Aim for the sky and never falter
Even if living gets harder
Dreams are just around the corner
Waiting for you with warmth
Like being in the arms of a loved one
Put courage before fear
Stand up today even if others sit down
Don’t be like the rest
Don’t aim to be the best
Aim to achieve every single dream
Until you are find true happiness 
You will find a way out trust me
Want to be loved?
Want to be famous?
Want to live simply?
You can’t achieve anything if you quiver with fear
Show the world it can’t hold you
Break out of your own mind
Now is the perfect time
Later is just an excuse for the weak
Those afraid to speak
You don’t want to be them
But your future looks bleak
Afraid to be just like them
Don’t be 
Hold on to your dreams
If you afraid then you have always lose
You can put it out and win in the later half
Even if others may laugh
Hurl cruelty at you
And it breaches your heart
Don’t throw it back just keep walking
Until they can’t see you anymore
When you’re on the top of your world
And all the hate burns away
When the dreams kept as treasures become reality
Do it today!
Walk your way
You might just see me
On my own path
Letting go everything in order to be a better me
Why don’t you join me?
Let’s change the world and not let it change us in the process
Let’s go now


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