Love (Hide)

I won’t rush this

I won’t look for it
Instead I’ll wait for it
to find me
I’ll wait for my reality
to be better than my dreams
if you haven’t guessed it
I’m talking about L.O.V.E

I can’t wait for the day
it finds me
but I have since it’s
my reality
Waiting for love
is my new mentality
As I play the next round
of hide and seek
I’ll hide and you count
now come find me

Go ahead laugh at me
call me a fool
say whatever you want to
You’re just envious 
that I’m true to myself
I’m a die hard romantic
dreaming romantic things
So what?!
That’s what I am
So I don’t hesitate to say
that I’m a real man

Love is worth waiting for
I’ll wait until  it knocks on my door
I’ll welcome it in with open arms


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