Everyday I’m biting the bullet

one more twist and I’ll lose it
feeling so helpless
tears sting your eyes
yet you don’t cry
you try and try
to get a feeling out of life
in the end everything you feel is right
is wrong in this modern life
you walk left, society pulls you right
sick of all of it why even try?
when all is left is to die
politics and contradictions run our lives
family decrees and higher education degrees 
battle it out 
not for me
only to control me
neither want to lose
yet in the end they do
when I chose to do what I want to 
even if I fail
its better than being you

Trying to battle demons with a mere pencil with shaky lead
when I have no words left to write, so lost in thought
as if I’m in a standstill in the middle of a battle
can’t stop now I can not lose
I don’t want to be like the mindless cattle
I see walking the streets, so afraid to follow their dreams that cant even blink
that’s not for me, I may have lost my words and feelings momentary 
and the world may be scary
I wont quit until I’m on the top of it
screaming I’m the king of the world
without the crash because I wont sink
I’ll open as many doors as I can
even if some of them are not within my grand plan
I have my own life to live
I am my own man
I’ll run towards my dreams
I have two feet
its about time I stand
and face this repugnant reality
head on, staying forever strong
calm as the sea before the storm
ambitious as a revolutionary 
change the world piece by piece by achieving my dreams 
without the world changing a bit of me


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