I’ll Love You Right

Tonight’s the night

I’ll love you right
for the first time
your everything becomes mine
this nights been on mind
the things I’ll do with you
keeps replaying all the time
I’ll lay you gently
on our bed
press my warm lips
on your sweet lips
I’ll taste you
you taste me
Baby we’ll take it slow
tonight time is on our side
we have nowhere to go
but around each other
tonight I’ll take you as a lover
treat you so sweet
kissing down your body
I’ll love you right
with all my heart
Baby I swear
I’ll love you with care
kiss your face
as I  ran my fingers through your hair
lala land I’ll take you there
In my arms
I’ll bring you no harm
take it easy baby remain calm
it may hurt
but believe in me
I’ll love you right
tonight’s our night
we can take it slow
we can take it inch by inch
I wont take a mile
baby believe me
I’ll get you over this hill
press your ear against my chest
you’ll hear how you make me feel
I’ll love you right
let’s not rush
let’s take it slow
feel my love
think of happy times
don’t shallow yourself in fear
pain will fade, pleasure will appear
trust me baby
tonight’s our night
I swear on our love
I’ll love you right


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