Eros (Cupid)

There was a girl I used to know

She always wore blue
and everything she said was the truth
She was outgoing and didnt like to lie
but when it come to the love of her life
she become shy
and couldn’t reveal the truth
She prayed o Eros to help her 
love come true

There was a guy I used to know
he was a gentleman thick and through
he always wore red 
and he was in love with the girl in blue
He didn’t know what to do
He would clam up around her
despite his trials at being smooth
one night he prayed to Eros
to ask him what to do

Eros could see these two
were true fools in love
their feelings were destined
to remain true
He set his sights on 
the boy in red
and the girl in blue
he’ll give them a push
in the right direction
He’ll show them what 
to do
He shot a special arrow meant 
for two
The arrow struck
their chests
with a mightly thud

The boy in red confessed
to the girl in blue
She didnt hesitate to 
cut him off
As he mouth hits his
cutting his words off
She kissed him and they both liked it
The two lovers walked away
down the road of happiness
as eros looked one
with a smile on his face


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