they made a vow on a sunny day

yet so much sadness was present that day
no one knew they wouldn’t get their way
Their vow made in love was so pure
it took over the suffering, serving as the cure
Now we look back it was all a blur
when he was down and asked her to marry him
he didnt have a ring, but they didnt need a material thing
their love was so true, a love everyone envied
I wish even now everythung would play out differently 
their love was something I wished for me
Everytime they said “I love you” before going to sleep
no one knew death lingered over one of them
that day the vow become nothing but a memory
i can still hear them make that vow in my dreams
he held her close crying as he promised to never leave her
She promised the same, they didnt know that death knew her name
I hope this never happens to you, but never fear to a vow
Even when its curtain call and you commit to the last bow
So please dont be afraid to truly fall in love
find true love like they did…..