Did I Forget to Write?

I wonder where it all went

is it actually gone?

am I looking in the wrong place?

is it right under my nose?

hiding…waiting for the moment

my heart is captured by seductive words

spoken from the full lips of an angel

There’s a theme

for when a poet finds his muse

it’s legend they are ensnared forever

to this one being

it has the power to fully control the wave of words

out of a poet’s ink

or they cause the poet word’s to sink

until there’s nothing left but old memories

of good stories

Yet the muse of mine is nowhere in sight

does that mean I forgot to write?

or am I just killing myself by hiding

what I can truly do

when I put my mind to it

I dream that I didn’t lose it

that I still have it

that its not ashes blowing in the wind

I dream that my fire is still burning

that the words in my mind are still turning

like it was before but only better

I ask not you but myself

am I worse than ever

or have I just gotten better

without realizing it

Did I truly forget?

that I have a passion

that made feel like I was accomplished

that this world isn’t as dead I think it to be

this thought ravages my mind to no end

yet I do not ask you my friend

only I..know the answer


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