The Way

Cold lies

dead eyes

in the mirror

fear kills her

chains bound her to lies

can’t breathe

is she really alive?

Society controls her

holds her

pretends to love her

yet she endures

doesn’t know better 

she’s been conditioned

Told how she should and shouldn’t be living

a nine to five

in a four by four cell

trapped in hell

stress and pressure

is so deafening

policies and companies

so life threatening

a swift death

is so tempting

can envision

many ways to die

until she opens her eyes

to uncover all the lies

quits without notice

passes her ID to the boss

“Here hold this”

throws up a peace sign

with one finger missing

feels the breeze

and the rays of the sun

like its the first time

embraces the change

goes against the current

while everyone stays 

or goes another way

Her eyes mirrored through glass

they are shining as if they were entrapped

and now screaming “free at last”

a smile unfolds on her face

as she walks her own way


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