Man (Definition)

If I asked you to save me

would you think of as a lesser man?

If you saw me cry

would you dare to look me in the eye?

Not out of pity but love

If I succumb to the rage

cause myself pain

would you hold me?
A man is a man

Unspoken troubles edge the male fantasy

of Greek strength

The lion rages never sharing weakness
How should he?

Throwing every “feminine” trait out

of our hearts

Locking it away

We start to rot spiritually from the inside


doubles the pain we hide

as we distract ever curious eyes
I know words, but I write emotions

I know competition and aggression

Like everything else there is a time and place

Manhood isn’t proven by raging face to face

A true man iswhatever he defines himself to be

Sexism taunts us from the other side

raised to lie, raised to hide

We are taught cowardice

contrary to popular belief

emmotional men are not weak

stronger than the false alpha

always charging like the lazy lion


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