Shall we Dance?

(Older poem, inspired by the Japanese film “Shall We Dance”)

Shall we dance tonight?

under the moonlight
we don’t need music
nor a ballroom
All we end is each other
there’s no better kind of music
than the rhythm of a heart in love
it takes two to tango
it should take two to love

we can dance the flaminco
promise me you’ll look up at me
and not my feet
love…I’m a man and in dance
I take the lead
but I’m not demanding it
I’m asking for it
men may take the first step
yet woman hold all the power
to determine if they follow the step

dancing is like making love
the feelings has to be there
you have to show care
and you have to trust each other
as dance partners and as lovers
at that moment your dancing
will not be like any others

Shall we dance tonight?
will you follow my step?
will you let me lead?
love I’m asking you
if you could put your trust
in me


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