Back to You

It makes no sense that you’re here

wishing me luck
when you were the one who said
you didn’t give a fuck
so what the hell are you doing?
Are you trying to confuse me?
Are you trying to get me back?
you hinder me
with your lips of an Angel
Always thought your love was a fable
but here we are across each other at our table
I’m wondering why you’re here?
Why are you showing me care?
when we were together you didn’t seem to mind
or pay attention to me
we were together yet I was so lonely
now I’m with her
and you finally notice me
Sure I don’t love her like I love you
I don’t feel for her
Like I do for you
but she never makes me feel lonely
what am I suppose to do?
I’m still in love with you
I don’t want to hurt her
but I will have to
I’ll go back to you
only if you get on your knees
and be me to
tell me why you want me
to come back to you


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