Love Blind (Aimless Search)

Why can’t I find love

why can’t it find me
It’s driving me to tears
I’m dying alone,
I’m living my worst fear
Am I love blind?
and Can’t see it
even if its right next to me
I doubt it
Oh I so need it
I’m dying without it
I’m like a junkie coming off a high
wondering what went wrong with his life
while aimlessly looking for his next fix
while being dreamed of being fixed
why can’t anyone love me?
I’m tired of playing hide and seek
Cupid please find me
send an arrow through my heart
give me a spark
and never let it fade away
As it is now I can’t stay
my soul is crumbling
this experience is numbing
When is love coming?
Am I a fool to believe
that I’m love blind
and I’ll never see love
I’ve had enough
I’m dying today
don’t get in my way
I’m not safe
right now


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