Staring out of my window

I see you
and I wonder
if you have a heart of gold
like they say you do
is the red light on tonight?
is your name Roxanne?
I only with you’ll have a 
since I always see you
tempting every man
to take you away
not to a faraway place
just to a place no one can see
I wonder if you can see me
staring at you
through this thin window
is fancy your name?
or is it something like Cherry?
or plainly simple like Mary

Miss in the red dress
how did you get here?
what wrong turn got
you leaning on a street pole
don’t your feet hurt wearing
those plastic stilettos
I know what you are
but I won’t say it out loud
for I still see you as a woman
no matter your occupation
your face smiles 
but your eyes scream you need saving
I’m sorry that I’m too young lady
to this world I’m still a baby
I can’t help you nor save you
I only can dream of saving
I just want to tell you
your on my mind
I think about you when they turn the red light on
and I hear Roxanne’s song

I bid thee a goodbye
miss lady of the night
I wave goodbye
as I lean my head
on this thin glass window
as the red light turns green
and this world disappears from sight


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