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Someone to Hold 

(An older poem)

I wish I had a woman to hold

wish a woman could hold me
sometimes this world gets to me
and I need to feel like someone loves me
So I’ll wrap my arms around her 
she’ll do the same for me
she’ll lay her head on my chest
and fall asleep to my heart beat
when life gets hard
I’ll let her hold me
that’s a big change for me
to let someone protect me
to let someone in
to see me when I’m weak
I hope she’ll know
how hard it is for me
and appeciate when I do
when I let her hold me
when I truly let her know
I love her
and she never makes me 
feel lonely
I hope I can find a woman
to love me
So I can have someone to 
hold me
I truly want someone to hold

Man (Definition)

If I asked you to save me

would you think of as a lesser man?

If you saw me cry

would you dare to look me in the eye?

Not out of pity but love

If I succumb to the rage

cause myself pain

would you hold me?
A man is a man

Unspoken troubles edge the male fantasy

of Greek strength

The lion rages never sharing weakness
How should he?

Throwing every “feminine” trait out

of our hearts

Locking it away

We start to rot spiritually from the inside


doubles the pain we hide

as we distract ever curious eyes
I know words, but I write emotions

I know competition and aggression

Like everything else there is a time and place

Manhood isn’t proven by raging face to face

A true man iswhatever he defines himself to be

Sexism taunts us from the other side

raised to lie, raised to hide

We are taught cowardice

contrary to popular belief

emmotional men are not weak

stronger than the false alpha

always charging like the lazy lion

For the future (Hidden Eyes)

The black silk gently layed upon her face

a slit reveals a beautiful blend of colors
No hate dwells in me
Forgive my country for the victorious
words spoken can never truly be forgotten
the only way to cahnge is to be that change
The mirror reflects who we truly are
Allow love and understanding to heal your scars
not rid them but clean them of hate
allow them to be the histrory of what was
allow love to overcome
Before it goes to fear
and forgiveness becomes impossibly hard
we all stare up at the stars
let us grasp hands in friendship
and end the hate or at least ease the pain

King Out of Place

They look at me

through eyes of unjust hate
I’m not wanted
it’s clear I’m out of place
like a pawn where a king should be
they think they know my creed
they assume they know me
by what they see on TV
too ignorant to pay attention to reality
I don’t think violence is the answer
I try to keep a king mentality
fighting for others as well as fighting for me
so when they look at me
I simple say hello or hi
without an evil eye
as I walk on by
I may be out of place
at least I try
to find my place

An Untamed Song

There’s a song stuck in my heart

I dont have the talent to release it
I can’t sing
I barely know the guitar
learning the piano but it’s so hard
I can’t rap
my heartstrings are about to snap
I really want to release the inner me
I want to be able to sing
so I can be myself
So I can release this song from my heart
All I desire is to express myself
I want to surprise myself
with my very own song
please let me stay strong
this road is so long
I hope a car will come along
and give me a ride to the paradise of self discovery
So I can realise what my heart truly wants to sing
for  me to finally be
what I set out to be
a man who can write and sing
My only wish is to set this song
that’s locked deep in my heart free


it tears me away 

from what I’m thinking
It kills me to wonder
how you’re feeling
when I see those tears
that can break a thousand hearts
it pierces me
like a spear to the gut
please let them go
hurry up though
so my tears don’t flow
a little selfish I know
but it truly affects me more than you know
I try to keep calm
I won’t look in weak in front of you 
I won’t join you
I will do everything I can to help you
Embrace you, talk to you
even write for you
try to make you smile
I’ll do everything for you
please don’t cry anymore

The Way

Cold lies

dead eyes

in the mirror

fear kills her

chains bound her to lies

can’t breathe

is she really alive?

Society controls her

holds her

pretends to love her

yet she endures

doesn’t know better 

she’s been conditioned

Told how she should and shouldn’t be living

a nine to five

in a four by four cell

trapped in hell

stress and pressure

is so deafening

policies and companies

so life threatening

a swift death

is so tempting

can envision

many ways to die

until she opens her eyes

to uncover all the lies

quits without notice

passes her ID to the boss

“Here hold this”

throws up a peace sign

with one finger missing

feels the breeze

and the rays of the sun

like its the first time

embraces the change

goes against the current

while everyone stays 

or goes another way

Her eyes mirrored through glass

they are shining as if they were entrapped

and now screaming “free at last”

a smile unfolds on her face

as she walks her own way



eyes feed upon me
like a leech
that’s afraid to bite
it looks to me
but does not need me
It torments me endlessly
without a single word
There’s no need
Their eyes speak a thousand
and every thousand 
has a different burn
They try to stop 
me at every turn
They can never
I was born in this world
knowing I was walking
the path of thorns
Their eyes truly can’t 
harm this sadist
In turn my eyes burn
the emotion they seek
to destroy
but mine are strong
They pierce the enemy
with intent of malice
Their eyes split to
afraid to ever
try to control me

Lost in You

When I was yours

My heart soared
Higher than any eagle
Fulfilling yet annoying at times
When you tried to leave me
Stirring up drama for the sake of it
Yet you would let me
Talk you into staying
Looking back I was so crazy
So lost in you

When I was yours
No other girl could sway my mind
It was about you all the time
Yet you were never in my reach
Should have listened to them preach
When they told me 
It wasn’t meant to be
I was too stupid to see
I didn’t really desire you

When I was yours
Should have let you go
Because I was never yours
But I was so lost in you
Until you finally left me
In December
Had to take a moment to remember
Since I no longer am lost in all the lies

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