The solace I seek under water shines under a rush of air No window in this place only a mirror to glance upon my face I dare not to look away, I talk to myself out of my fears a talk never blinking nor thinking  Straight honesty through and through My face is stained with... Continue Reading →



Can you see the whispers of the night? Don't look away from the light unless you like a little fright. Take in the night beware of the light monsters hide under the sun watch their eyes know when to shout and run. Fight never submit or they'll have their fun Claw, scratch, kick, punch Scream... Continue Reading →

Nights of Joy

The lost come out at night all worries are flushed away we laugh we enjoy the ending day Nothing is in the way of our joy Yes, we know we must change but will do it in our own way Embracing the night to appeciate the day Someday, it will change but for tonight we... Continue Reading →


Voice so sweet she loves me Finding her coming into my life when I am in need as I'm drowing in myself she grasps my hand to guide me through the dark placing her hand over my heart "Mine" she whispers with a straight face She evaporates as she was never truly here I startle... Continue Reading →

It’s a Wrap

I keep looking back wanting to be there again yet I'm off pretending.. not to care How I wish we were in bed head on my chest as I stroke your hair Guess I'm just not that strong I still care  But I can't reach you anymore Love doesn't live there  Instead I must shout... Continue Reading →

I Am 

Too lost to die too cold to lie too emotional to cry breaking from the inside lost my voice haunted by every choice 


Death comes quicker to me than most cursing life to find a new host I'm afraid to go I hide from it, wrapping myself tighly in blankets afraid to face it, to even notice it is a sin to my mind my body goes, I'm ready for war The ultimate answer for death jolts me... Continue Reading →

Goodbye My Friend

There isn't anything here anymore Sorry, my friend but I don't care anymore wish you all the happiness in the world but the bridge connecting us forever burns Our goodbye doesn't make me shake with agony Wouldn't be a lie to say I'm happy it's goodbye


Staring out of my window I see youand I wonderif you have a heart of goldlike they say you dois the red light on tonight?is your name Roxanne?I only with you'll have a restsince I always see youstandtempting every manto take you awaynot to a faraway placejust to a place no one can seeI wonder if... Continue Reading →

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