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Love Blind (Aimless Search)

Why can’t I find love

why can’t it find me
It’s driving me to tears
I’m dying alone,
I’m living my worst fear
Am I love blind?
and Can’t see it
even if its right next to me
I doubt it
Oh I so need it
I’m dying without it
I’m like a junkie coming off a high
wondering what went wrong with his life
while aimlessly looking for his next fix
while being dreamed of being fixed
why can’t anyone love me?
I’m tired of playing hide and seek
Cupid please find me
send an arrow through my heart
give me a spark
and never let it fade away
As it is now I can’t stay
my soul is crumbling
this experience is numbing
When is love coming?
Am I a fool to believe
that I’m love blind
and I’ll never see love
I’ve had enough
I’m dying today
don’t get in my way
I’m not safe
right now


Back to You

It makes no sense that you’re here

wishing me luck
when you were the one who said
you didn’t give a fuck
so what the hell are you doing?
Are you trying to confuse me?
Are you trying to get me back?
you hinder me
with your lips of an Angel
Always thought your love was a fable
but here we are across each other at our table
I’m wondering why you’re here?
Why are you showing me care?
when we were together you didn’t seem to mind
or pay attention to me
we were together yet I was so lonely
now I’m with her
and you finally notice me
Sure I don’t love her like I love you
I don’t feel for her
Like I do for you
but she never makes me feel lonely
what am I suppose to do?
I’m still in love with you
I don’t want to hurt her
but I will have to
I’ll go back to you
only if you get on your knees
and be me to
tell me why you want me
to come back to you

Married to Darkness

(Written a while ago)

Woman of the dark

I honor you with my heart
I swear to you 
It’s till death never does us part

Woman of the dark
please accept this lowly heart
I beseech you to love me
as I love you

Woman of the dark
I am not afraid of you
though I fear that you won’t love me
will you embrace me?

Woman of the dark
What do you say?
Will you accept an happy yet dark matrimony?
and engulf this world with the darkness

Will You Promise Me?

If I died today

would you promise me
to find love again?
Someone who can be 
with you forever
Someone healthy
who can’t leave you early
will you promise me
when I die
find a better man to love
I hope you find him
because I can’t be with you
despite how I feel about you
Life’s too cruel
what’s there to do
when I’m gone
and you’re alone
I just wanted to see you happy
so when I die
find someone that can make
you happy
promise me you’ll forget me
let me fade away in peace
I want to thank you
for giving me true love
let me go babe
I am a ghost in the making
so when I’m spirited away
promise me you won’t
let our memories get in the way
of your new love
promise me you will find love again
when I die

Just Believe

Keep your head up to the sky

Don’t cry, wipe away your tears

don’t let yourself die

Stay focused keep the hope alive

you will make it through

the clouds

and land safely

you’ll see

Here’s what you must do

Face your fears

Face your tormentor

look into the mirror

and repeat

I will believe in myself

I will accomplish my dreams

even if you try to get in the way

I will have my day

I will just believe

Shall we Dance?

(Older poem, inspired by the Japanese film “Shall We Dance”)

Shall we dance tonight?

under the moonlight
we don’t need music
nor a ballroom
All we end is each other
there’s no better kind of music
than the rhythm of a heart in love
it takes two to tango
it should take two to love

we can dance the flaminco
promise me you’ll look up at me
and not my feet
love…I’m a man and in dance
I take the lead
but I’m not demanding it
I’m asking for it
men may take the first step
yet woman hold all the power
to determine if they follow the step

dancing is like making love
the feelings has to be there
you have to show care
and you have to trust each other
as dance partners and as lovers
at that moment your dancing
will not be like any others

Shall we dance tonight?
will you follow my step?
will you let me lead?
love I’m asking you
if you could put your trust
in me

Blood of an Innocent

The blood splatters into the ashes

of her “normal life”
it drips from her arms
so skinny and hurt
from the self harm
her mind flutters between
pain and pleasure
as she’s walking between the thin line
of life and death
Death as sinister as it is
he passes right through her
with out a second glance
leaving her
soaking in the white room
fading into a light sleep
as her hate keeps pushing
the blood out of her scars
the blood of an innocent
bleeds out so hard
everyday for her is a day in hell
the scars haunt her body
driving her to harm herself again
still her heart is so damn harsh
but beneath that is the soul of innocence
trapped in a shell of a body
with no where to go
every corner of this cold life
is another hand
grasping the knife running it across her thigh
she’s used to it
it’s her normal life
it breaks my heart
every time I look into her eyes
they are similar to the shade of mine
I’m not taking about color
so I can see what others cant
she’s beautiful 
All I want to do is to help her through
but I’m just a writer
it’s her life
I hate to wait
until she comes to me
and asks me while whispering
if she can talk to me
If I can save her
or if I could just listen
I’ll do whatever I can
to never see the blood an innocent

Someone to HoldĀ 

(An older poem)

I wish I had a woman to hold

wish a woman could hold me
sometimes this world gets to me
and I need to feel like someone loves me
So I’ll wrap my arms around her 
she’ll do the same for me
she’ll lay her head on my chest
and fall asleep to my heart beat
when life gets hard
I’ll let her hold me
that’s a big change for me
to let someone protect me
to let someone in
to see me when I’m weak
I hope she’ll know
how hard it is for me
and appeciate when I do
when I let her hold me
when I truly let her know
I love her
and she never makes me 
feel lonely
I hope I can find a woman
to love me
So I can have someone to 
hold me
I truly want someone to hold

Man (Definition)

If I asked you to save me

would you think of as a lesser man?

If you saw me cry

would you dare to look me in the eye?

Not out of pity but love

If I succumb to the rage

cause myself pain

would you hold me?
A man is a man

Unspoken troubles edge the male fantasy

of Greek strength

The lion rages never sharing weakness
How should he?

Throwing every “feminine” trait out

of our hearts

Locking it away

We start to rot spiritually from the inside


doubles the pain we hide

as we distract ever curious eyes
I know words, but I write emotions

I know competition and aggression

Like everything else there is a time and place

Manhood isn’t proven by raging face to face

A true man iswhatever he defines himself to be

Sexism taunts us from the other side

raised to lie, raised to hide

We are taught cowardice

contrary to popular belief

emmotional men are not weak

stronger than the false alpha

always charging like the lazy lion

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